Sunday, January 14, 2018

More lunch at The Naked Finn

The Naked Finn, Malan Road

Lunch at The Naked Finn. The menu has changed, probably constantly evolving from the last time I was here.

The Naked Finn, scallop otah

They have a baked otah made with the gonads (a.k.a. coral) and mantle (a.k.a. wings) of Yesso scallops. I thought I detected a light lemongrass fragrance. That and a nice warmth from the heat from the spices. It's not too bad, but don't be expecting any scallop-y flavours because there was none of that. It was however texturised by the chopped bits of mantle though. Otherwise, it tasted pretty much like a regular otah. An expensive one at that.

The Naked Finn, mozambique lobster risotto

Tried their Mozambique lobster risotto. I had the misconception that there would be some crustacean flavours in the rice but there wasn't any. It tasted ordinary for the laziness of thinking of a better word. The sweet fleshed lobster was really good though.

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