Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Moc Quan, UE Square

Moc Quan, UE Square

We've seen Moc Quan (#01-23 UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, tel : +65 6736 0123) around almost every single time we're in the vicinity for quite a bit. While I've been curious, we never got around to visiting until today. If I had to describe it in a few words, it's luxed up Vietnamese street food. There you go.

Moc Quan, ya ua

Sipped on what the menu called ya ua. Tasted like the sữa hột gà. Contained yoghurt, lime and condensed milk. Sounded fun but the drink was quite diluted. I was hoping that it would be richer.

Moc Quan, goi cuon

The goi cuon was for comparison and we generally liked them anyway. These were thicker and larger than previous summer rolls we've had. 

Moc Quan, goi du du

That's their goi du du with beef jerky. I didn't really like this much because of the dressing they had used. I don't know what those flavours were and there was even some Sriracha drizzled over the top. Very much preferred the cleaner tasting rendition that Mrs Pho had.

Moc Quan, kurobuta pork com tam

Being luxed up also meant that they had a com tam with grilled Kurobuta pork. The meat had a good char and the sweet sauce on them was delicious.

Moc Quan, pho gau

In our opinion, their pho gau was pretty good. The beefy broth was mostly savoury with a light hint of sweetness. Briskets were fatty and tender.

Moc Quan, UE Square

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