Sunday, January 07, 2018

Keria Japanese Restaurant 2018

Keria Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

Dinner at Keria Japanese Restaurant. It's January so the seasonal dishes are what's available for winter.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, otoshi

Today's otoshi was marinated salmon cubes. Not very exciting for otoshi so I spiced it up with a splash of La-Yu and wasabi.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, buri sashimi

We got thick slices of buri sashimi.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, kani kama meshi

And their kani kama meshi which was served with a thin shell of a crab.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, kani kama meshi

The pot of rice had kani, uni and ikura. Flavour was light. Tossed with a drizzle of shoyu, it became a comforting hot pot of rice. 

Keria Japanese Restaurant, anko karaage

Their anko karaage was unexpectedly outstanding. The freshly fried meat from the monk fish was piping hot, tender and had a nice crisp on the exterior. The only thing that was needed to spruce it up was a squeeze of lime or a dip in the ponzu. Both of which were provided

Keria Japanese Restaurant, shirako soup

We had shirako soup. It's basically shirako in a slightly smoky miso soup filled with negi. The milt was expectedly soft and tender like tofu. Very nice.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, mentaiko cabbage

And to those we added our favourite order of stir fried mentaiko cabbage. It would be hard not to.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, coffee jelly

We noticed coffee jelly on their menu for the first time and decided to try it. Served with cream. I had initially dismissed the flavour to be similar to coffee candy but after a couple of spoons it started to grow on me. I actually enjoyed it.

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