Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mak Hong Kee (HK) Kitchen, Keong Saik Road

This was a relatively new Cantonese stir fry restaurant that's popped up along Keong Saik (2/4 Keong Saik Road, tel : +65 6909 0414) recently by my guesstimate. Just a minute's or so walk from the still popular Man Man. I guess that tells which end of the road the restaurant is located at. The vibe reminded me a little of Sum's Kitchen. But the roast duck here is better.

So here's said roasted duck. Coupling a ducky flavour from a little bit of fat and reasonable moisture in the meat, this roast was pretty tender. Tasty both with and without the sour plum dip. But at $14 for a drumstick and some breast meat, it was also a little expensive. 

We tried a minced beef and crab meat soup. The soup was bland. So bland that the sweetness from the chunks of crab was predominant. Imagine that. This definitely needed a splash of vinegar, soy sauce and a good measure of pepper.

There was stir fried scallops with crispy fragrant bits of conpoy and toasted pine nuts. And broccoli obviously. Scallops which had their bit of natural sweetness which I thought were pretty well done.

This was described as black bean sauce bee hoon with spare ribs. Didn't see that fried cake of bee hoon coming at all. It's meant to be eaten after dipping/being soaked into the black bean gravy. Couldn't say I was impressed. I like my black bean sauce black and strong. This was relatively mild and personally, I thought it would have been tastier without the sweetness from the capsicum.

Dessert was good though. That's Chinese almond cream with egg white. Judging from the aroma and flavour, this was very decent quality stuff.

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