Thursday, January 11, 2018

Durian King pizza from Pezzo

Pezzo, durian king pepperoni

Pezzo's a local pizza joint that's been growing themselves quite successfully judging by the number of outlets that have proliferated in the past few years. The Durian King is the one on the left obviously - the other's their pepperoni which is surprising dependable. That is if one does not mind the local variety with a bready crust.

That durian pizza - I think it had mixed reception and I'm guessing that it's largely positive. I missed their first round before they stopped selling and they're apparently back "by popular demand". Made with a mixture of D24 and mao shan wang durian. No prizes for guess which variety is used in greater quantity for the paste. It's not bad. Read of what what you will. Those durian paste were pretty legit. The problem I have with it is how Pezzo sells pizza which doesn't quite work well for this. It has to be piping hot which this wasn't since their turnover isn't that fast. This was where Tino's actually did better for made to order pies.

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