Thursday, January 04, 2018

Al-Naj, South Bridge Road

Al-Naj, maggi murtabak

If you had done a double take, yes - those were indeed bits of noodles inside the murtabak. Curly noodles. Maggi mee. This was some sort of Maggi murtabak from Al-Naj (217 South Bridge Road) - a local Indian Muslim stall. And no, these guys aren't anything like Zam Zam nor were they trying to be with the egg coated exterior. The mutton that they used in the stuffing with the noodles were those from mutton masala rather than the ground variety that one usually gets in murtabak. I would have preferred the latter.

Was it good? Well, it was the carb bomb as one would surmise. What made this work was their fish curry which was pretty good.

Al-Naj, fish curry

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