Thursday, January 18, 2018

Revisiting Nalan Restaurant

We were in the vicinity and Indian vegetarian sounded good. Sounded like it would be a happy meal so Nalan it was.

Nalan, south indian meal

This was their South Indian meal. Same but different from the other South Indian meals because it's a similar configuration with slightly different dishes. We got accompanying sambar, rasam, curd, some tomato based thingy and kheer. Their vegetable dishes on the side were delicious. I'll leave the description as that because it's never easy nor accurate with the usual array of adjectives. There are simply too many flavours going on.

Here's a tip. Mash some of the curd into the rice. Swipe in a small amount of the achar and mix before eating. The curd mellows the sharpness from the pickles and the pickles enhances the curd.

Nalan, dal pancharatan

We had an order of dal pancharatan. A dal curry/stew made with five types of lentils. There was even finely slice bits of green chilli in there. I thought the taste was good. The only thing I disliked were the bits of coriander in the dal. But it wasn't excessive so I could overlook them.

Nalan, naan

Some cheese naan to mop up the dal. These were not bad. The cheese stuffing was oozy and salty.

Nalan, carrot halwa

Here's a serving of their carrot halwa for sweets. It was served piping hot. Like most of the other Indian desserts that's made with ghee, milk and sugar - it had a very familiar flavour profile. The buttery milky sweet profile. That and the scent of cardamom with the bit of tart sweetness from raisins. Yes, it's called carrot halwa because it is made with mostly carrots. This stuff was soaked with ghee.

Nalan, masala tea

Because we already had gheer and the halwa, some sugarless masala tea was in order to wash the meal down.

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