Friday, January 12, 2018

Revisiting Masa Steak & Hamburg

Masa Steak & Hamburg, Robertson Quay

Here's us back at Masa and it's been quite a long while since the last time. Yes it's hamburg and other things again; none of their premium cuts since they are really pretty expensive.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, masa salad

That's their Masa salad which was not bad. For a salad. The ingredients were of nice quality and had a variety to boot. I liked that there was enough of the other things like olives, prosciutto, eggs, potatoes, mozzarella cheese and all to make it feel like we weren't just eating vegetables. Couldn't taste much of the honey dressing that they mentioned though. There was some light dressing going on, just not getting any of the honey.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, saikyo miso foie gras

We were curious enough about their saikyo miso marinated foie gras to order them. That's a sweet miso which carried over to the foie. Torched for that little bit of caramelized fragrance. Very nice and portions were very small.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, hamburg brie

Today's hamburg seemed tastier than the last time we had it. I'm not sure if I had imagined it but the grind seemed less fine than what it was previously and that was a good thing. There was a also more of the beef flavours going on in that patty. And they've brie cheese for topping these days.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, baked curry beef rice

Their baked curry beef rice was another pleasant surprise. It wasn't slathered with unnecessary cream for fillers. Just some cheese, curry and beef with the rice. Possibly one of the tastiest I've had. Not that I've had that many of these.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, creamed spinach

To top up with more greens (hah!), some creamed spinach came into play. Nicely done with cream and a healthy dose of garlic.

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