Thursday, January 25, 2018

Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

Pretty pricey but tasty Shanghainese food to be had here at Liu Yuan Pavilion (3/F The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, tel : +852 2804 2000). We heard that the restaurant was known for hairy crab during the seasons so we came to try our luck to see if we were able to score anything at the tail end.

Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), vegetables dried bean curd

These were finely chopped vegetables with bits of dried bean curd. They were described as stewed vegetables on the menu and it was served cold as a starter. If you couldn't tell from the picture, this dish was flavoursome and also refreshing.

Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), river shrimps green pea truffle

We had stir fried shrimps with green peas and black truffle. Not getting so much from the black truffle flavour but the shrimps were sweet. This was pretty good. Pretty pricey too.

Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), hairy crab pea shoots

Possibly the most expensive vegetable dish I've ever ordered - hairy crab cream with stir fried pea shoots. The cream here refers to bits of meat mixed with roe from the crab. Crabbily delicious and even more expensive than those little shrimps above.

Liu Yuan Pavilion Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), hairy crab noodles

We had originally wanted to get something with hairy crab roe but the restaurant mentioned that the dishes that were made with a lot of roe had to be pre ordered. So for carbs, more of those crab cream with ban mian (拌面). Possibly the most expensive single serving noodles we've had so far.

Liu Yuan Pavilion Liu Yuan Pavilion (留園雅敘), hairy crab noodles

The noodles were served in a separate bowl from the crab cream. We tossed them together with a healthy splash of vinegar before eating. Good stuff.

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