Sunday, April 30, 2023

Chinatown Teh Tarik, Sago Street

Chinatown Teh Tarik, Sago Street

I've only noticed Chinatown Teh Tarik (40B Sago Street) some months back. I think. They're located in a shophouse at the junction of Sago Street and Trengganu Street - right behind Smith Street Food Centre. A stone's throw from Buddha Tooth Relic Temple as well.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, Sago Street

I swear this could have passed off as a place like Taiwan. But we're not there. Did not look as picturesque in real life when I was taking the shot.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, onion egg masala prata

Anyways, they're a mamak stall. Looked Indian Muslim and we're familiar with what they generally offer. That's a masala prata with egg and onion. The masala component of it was curried potatoes. It's not bad tasting. Prata wasn't overly crispy and had a bit of chew. What was odd was that in spite of how much onions they put inside, there wasn't much of the acidity from those.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, onion uttapam

Also tried an uttapam with onions. Also not bad. Coconut chutney was a little gingery while the orange chutney was.....I like it. Spicy savoury and something in it oddly reminded me of bean sprouts. That last part was unexpected.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, cheese mushroom thosai

We had a thosai too.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, cheese mushroom thosai

If you're still figuring out, those bits inside are canned mushrooms. There's cheese in it as well. The plastic ones. Pretty decent.

What was obvious though from both the uttapam and thosai was that the rice flour batter they used barely had any of the tang normally associated with fermentation. Those flavours which I had been looking forward to felt toned down.

Chinatown Teh Tarik, Sago Street

Saturday, April 29, 2023

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb Hot Pot - 羊肉汤火锅

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, Smith Street

The name's a little confusing but these guys are Restaurant Manchurian. They've rebranded themselves with the name Manchurian Lamb Hot Pot - 羊肉汤火锅 but have for some reasons not updated their signage. Don't know when this happened. Menu's changed as well - some of the old stuff we used to have aren't available anymore. There's also a bit more emphasis on hot pot. 

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅,  lamb tendon skin 烤羊筋皮

Fortunately the lamb skewers are still on the menu. Like their tendon/meat thingy (烤羊筋皮) which seem to be chunkier than I remember them.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, lamb skewers 烤羊肉串

The regular 羊肉串儿 seemed to have lost a bit of their edge. Spice powdering was less intense and a bit more browning on the grill would have been great.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, lamb brains 锡纸烤羊脑

There's lamb brains which as I recall wasn't in their old menu. Came in a nice salty mala-esque sauce which was surprisingly light on the heat. No 麻 and not much 辣.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, yang zhou fried rice 扬州炒饭

Yang zhou fried rice - pretty bland. Needed the sauce from the lamb brain dish which did it wonders.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, lamb belly with mutton 草原肚包肉

Trying their lamb belly with mutton 草原肚包肉 for the first time. It's minced lamb that's bagged in lamb tripe - the closest thing to haggis for all the 'haggis' that they like to use on their menu which actually describes offal.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, lamb belly with mutton 草原肚包肉

Pretty good. Both the minced mutton and the stomach were tender. That green sauce on the side - I don't know what it was but it was refreshingly herbaceous and savoury. Kinda like a Chinese pesto.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, lamb ribs 宫廷锡纸烤羊排

Got ourselves some grilled lamb ribs. These were good.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, oil beijing oil flour 老北京油茶面

There's 油茶面 on the menu; something I am acquainted with from childhood as mee teh. It's mostly powdered fried onion, flour and sugar that one mixes with hot water to form a broth/paste. From experience, I know the decent ones can be difficult if not impossible to get these days because I've tried some and they're all lacking in the aroma from the fried onions.

I don't remember sesame seeds in the one which I grew up eating. This rendition even had raisins in them. Not bad tasting but the flavour didn't pack the punch I was hoping for and it wasn't as gooey as I liked.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, sheep milk tea 自炒羊奶茶

We ordered this because it said sheep milk tea (自炒羊奶茶) on the menu. I thought it would be tea with sheep's milk. Did not taste like tea. I was imagining that the milk might resemble goat's milk but it didn't as well. And it was salty.

满族全羊铺 Manchurian Lamb HotPot - 羊肉汤火锅, Smith Street

Friday, April 28, 2023

More desserts from Yat Ka Yan (一家人)

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), mango ice cream

Trying a couple of stuff from Yat Ka Yan (一家人) which we haven't before. That's mango with ice cream - it looked a lot more yellow and refreshing from the picture on the menu. Mango was kinda sour which offset the sweetness from the ice cream. Nicely done but I don't know if that was by accident or design.

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), almond barley beancurd

Almond barley beancurd - which was essentially fu chuk yi mai (腐竹薏米) with almond. This one was nice. Beancurd was pretty shredded though.

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), fortune centre

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Kotuwa, Wanderlust

Kotuwa, Wanderlust, Dickson Road

Kotuwa (Level 1 Wanderlust Hotel, 2 Dickson Road, tel : +65 6970 7838) of Unlisted Collection is by Rishi Naleendra of the former Cheek By Jowl. They're Sri Lankan - or rather a modern interpretation of it.

A shout out here to the bespectacled Chinese dude/wait staff who was with us and explaining the food. Thank you for the patience, for being discreetly observant and brimming with enthusiasm. We were here for lunch on 15th April.

Kotuwa, sozo

This drink was Sozo - green orange with sea salt. Tasted like 酸梅.

Kotuwa, mutton rolls

First item up was their mutton rolls - panko-ed, fried served with tamarind ketchup on the side.

Kotuwa, mutton roll

Spiced, packed a bit of heat yet balanced enough that it did not mute the flavours of the minced mutton in them. Delicious with and without the tamarind ketchup.

Kotuwa, ghee rice cashews onions

Rice of the day was with ghee, cashews and fried onions. I liked this one much.

Kotuwa, egg hopper

That's the egg hopper - hopper being what locals would call appam. How this differs from the street variety appear to be less fermentation in the rice flour used to make the pancake. Hence it was noticeably less tangy. Edges were crispy and the non crispy parts were...actually kinda small. The egg covered most of it. 

Kotuwa, jaffnar duck curry

The menu described this as Jaffna duck curry which was cooked in a light coconut gravy. More accurately, according to me that is, it's a duck confit in a pretty intense gravy that reminded me of a complex and intensely flavoured black pepper sauce. Wouldn't think of it as light coconut gravy for sure. Nice. Those crispy leaves were also spiced.

Kotuwa, pol sambol

Pol sambol - tangy and savoury shredded coconut. Reminded me of the sambol at Rasa Raja Bojun

Kotuwa, lychee achcharu

The lychees pickled in mustard and apple cider were delicious. Tangy, sweet and spicy at the same time. 👍🏼

Kotuwa, the pol the rice and the arhcharu

Hell these were great together with the ghee rice.

Kotuwa, watalappam tart

Tried their watalappam tart. I tasted coconut, jaggery and spices amid the strips of orange zest in there. The green stuff were bits of pistachio and the cream on top was had a sweet milky cardamom flavour which reminded me of kheer/payasam.

Kotuwa, buffalo curd parfait

The menu described this as buffalo curd parfait. I kept thinking cheese curds for some reason, totally forgetting that the word 'curd' in Indian food refers to yoghurt. So after the first mouthful I remembered. I'd call it yoghurt kulfi - with crushed cashews and a very understated Kithul caramel.

Kotuwa, spiced sri lankan iced coffee

Ended with a cold coffee - Sri Lankan styled according to the menu. Pretty thick, spiced, sweet and milky. I think this needs less ice. A lot less ice.

Kotuwa, Wanderlust, Dickson Road

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

"Very Hot" dan dan noodle from Enishi

Enishi, dan dan noodle

In spite of appearances and the "very hot" option on their spicy-meter, this dan dan noodle from Enishi wasn't very spicy at all. I thought it was mild. The difference between this and "medium hot"...barely registered. Still delicious though. I've figured out a combination which worked today with this bowl. A few scoops of the house made chilli, some pepper from their mill and a few swirls of their orange vinegar made a rockin' bowl. For me it did. 

To frame a reference - even with that extra heat, it was nowhere close to Ikkousha's God Fire Level 4.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

More hot pottery at Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

More hot potting at Shi Li Fang. I've never been big on hot pots/steamboats for a large part of my life until this place and Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊). What likely made me reevaluate them was probably seeded by the surreal experience at Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot years ago. These places have changed my view slowly but surely in the past decade and so now I'll probably need to try Hai Di Lao someday since I haven't already. Hah! 😬

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

We've kinda stuck to the chicken collagen broth mostly. Savoury yet neutral the same.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

I love these concoct your own sauces stations.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Noticed that they have a chilli sauce that I've never seen before. The type that tastes refreshingly spicy/sweet/tangy like those kickass ones that Putien has.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Their thin sliced pork is probably the best meat for the sauces we had.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Unlike lamb which I usually try not to get too much sauce on.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

I'm not going to describe everything else because.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

The experience here so far has always been pretty good.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

It's a place I look forward to for something that is frills free.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Until the day comes when I try Hai Di Lao. I hear they're good.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Gotta get the vegetable game up here.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Frozen scallops are actually quite nice.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

You tiao is great for dipping into the broth.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Shi Li Fang (食立方)

Man we had 15 quail eggs in this seating.

Shi Li Fang (食立方)