Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Revisiting Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺)

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺), bbq lamb ribs

This was an anticipated return to Restaurant Manchurian after the promising past couple of visits. We missed the barbecue lamb the last time round so this was the opportunity we had been looking forward to.

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺), lamb tendon skewers

We started with their barbecued tendon. The wait staff had described it as tendon with some meat. The texture of the meat was layered in a manner like tripe and their spice mix was awesome. Like their lamb skewers, they were a dollar-fifty a stick. We’re gonna be getting more of these in the future because they were really good.

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺), stir fried cabbage

That’s stir fried cabbage with dried chilli, some spices and thinly sliced pork belly. Aromatic, nicely salted and the doneness of the cabbages was impeccable. By that I had meant that the vegetables retained a healthy crunch while it was cooked past any residual rawness.

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺), bbq lamb ribs

Here be the barbecued lamb. Seasoned with what might have been their regular barbecue spice rub with extras on the side for more flavour. The meat was pretty tender and the portions hearty.

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺), yang rou pao mo 羊肉泡馍

The letdown in this visit was their yang rou pao mo. The broth was thin and because of the heavily spiced dishes before, tasted bland. We could hardly discern any flavours of lamb in the broth compared to the robust bowl that the defunct Yang Gui Fei made.

Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺)

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