Friday, September 23, 2016

Etna 2016

Etna has throughout the past years we've visited gotten more focused and refined with their food and also have progressively gotten more expensive. What we liked about them was the consistently good experience (to date!) and that the quality of their food is actually very decent. 

There're a couple of things that I'm constantly reminded of them. The first would be the occasionally nifty off menu specials like their filo wrapped tenderloin with Gorgonzola sauce. The second is the lamented orange and Parmigiano Reggiano risotto which I am constantly wishing would return to their menu.

It seems that there is a little more variety with bread as well. Previously, it was just focaccia.

I'm not sure if it's just us but we've been encountering quite a bit of octopus lately. Here's an off menu starter of grilled octopus with potato puree and Taggiasche olives. Delicious char they had.

The current menu has a carbonara di mare. A carbonara with some fish caviar and bottarga. The flavours of both fish roes came through together with the tiny bits of bacon. But I though it was a little salty. I do think that I rank the carbonara di mare from Trattoria Nonna Lina higher and more befitting of its name.

Their ciriole alla Norcina is as good comfort food as ever with the chunky minced sausages, mushroom and shaven Parmigiano Reggiano. I've just found out that the name Norcina originates from the town of Norcia - a place known for their cured meats, cheese and truffles.

The other off menu special of the week was their "scottadito" styled lamb chops. A variable recipe that contains salt, pepper and rosemary. Damn this was delicious. The lamb was pink and the savoury sauce was literally finger licking good. While it's not apparent in the picture, it was accompanied some bitter roasted radicchio and mashed potatoes.

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