Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sufi's Corner, Baghdad Street

Sufi's Corner (1 Baghdad Street / 56 Arab Street, tel : +65 6298 1196) does Turkish food. As Turkish as it can get I suppose in this country with a chef from Istanbul. This restaurant was another one of those places we've walked by numerous times along the Arab Street district which we've wondered about every one of those times. Today, we finally walked in from the sweltering evening into a nicely chilled mug of reprieve ayran. Note to self - get the ayran without ice the next time.

We had iskembe. Tripe soup - theirs of which tasted like cream of garlic. It wasn't bad but it wasn't particularly memorable either.

The menu was rather overwhelming. There were a number of things which looked good so we were pretty much spoilt for choice. #firstworldproblems. We ended up with the Sufi's Mixed Grill which was made with a bunch of stuff baked in a lavash. What was the bunch of stuff I was talking about? Shish kebabs, doner kababs, chicken wings, kofte, pide, lahmacun, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, basmati rice and even fries. How's that for a mixed grill?

Look it. Underneath the ruptured lavash, which was quite good by the way, were loads of meat. This was supposed to be portioned for two but we reckoned that it would easily feed four.

There were even lamb chops inside. Yes, that's plural. Two of them to be precise.

As we worked our way through, we realized at some point that there was no way we would be able to finish all the food. They were kind enough to pack the leftovers so that we could microwave us another meal another day. We missed trying out their kunefe this time round because we hadn't room left for desserts. But I guess there's a very good chance we would come back another time.

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