Sunday, September 25, 2016

A bowl of mee pok from Hua Bee

Hua Bee mee pok

Hua Bee Restaurant (78 Moh Guan Terrace) is known for a few things. That the 1995 local movie Mee Pok Man (not a spandex-ed superhero nor related to Marvel/DC!) was filmed here and in recent years, a Japanese kushiyaki joint - Bincho operates out back in the evening after the mee pok stall is closed for the day. I’m sure some of you remember Mee Pok Man. A little bit of sensation of its time when the infantile censorship board in this country was struggling with its baby steps to attempt to regulate “artistic” media. Looking back, one cannot help but laugh at those feeble attempts and wonder what was there to even censor. But I think people who remember Mee Pok Man probably remember it for Michelle Goh. 

Anyways, here’s the bowl of mee pok from Hua Bee. The noodles were a little sticky, slightly clumped together, vinegar indiscernible and the chilli didn’t pack much of heat. The ingredients were generous in their bowl of soup, but nothing was particularly outstanding. For what they were charging, it was a lot more satisfying to get a bowl of fish ball noodles at Li Xin or at Whampoa Food Centre. This shop might have been decent at some point in the past but it’s no longer very relevant except as a washed out curiosity with a reputation. Like an old movie that was once a sensation. No longer in the game but a part of an endless series of portraits waiting to fade away.

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