Friday, September 16, 2016

Spaghetti with langoustine from PerBacco

Perbacco, spaghetti langoustine

I’ve always felt that PerBacco is understated. While that keeps the restaurant under the radar of the masses which is selfishly a good thing, it also makes me worry that there isn’t enough business enough to be healthy for them. I hope I’m wrong about the latter. Their chef Marco Fregnon is skilled at coaxing flavours out from crustaceans into cream sauces that shine. 

Recently, we tried their spaghetti with langoustine in a Gorgonzola béchamel sauce. That combination didn’t sound like it made sense at all since it’s a pairing of something delicate with something that was usually overpoweringly pungent. Couldn’t taste the Gorgonzola at all but what came through was a robust flavour from the crustacean. I could draw parallels with that to how they do their lobster carbonara.  

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