Monday, September 26, 2016

Fat Prince, Peck Seah Street

Fat Prince, Peck Seah Street

To be clear, the two week old Fat Prince (48 Peck Seah St., tel : +65 6221 3683) is a Middle Eastern themed “café-kebabery”/bar from the people behind Neon Pigeon. The operative word here is theme. The owners are American and the chef from what I hear is Canadian. As much as the decor has style elements imported from Turkey, the undertone looks New York. So Fat Prince is probably about as Middle Eastern as Artichoke. Contemporary they are, halal it is not.

Fat Prince, Peck Seah Street

Otherwise, their bar would probably not be a fixture.

Fat Prince, hummus

There's the Fat Prince hummus - made with duck fat and powdered with za'atar on the side. Don't know if there was any olive oil involved but the garlic flavour in the hummus seemed to be absent. This came with pita chips.

Fat Prince, scotch egg falafel

We had a scotch egg falafel, which as you might have surmised is an egg wrapped in a falafel instead of minced meat. Came with a fig, fennel and pistachio salad that consisted mostly of rockets and what might have been a lemon cardamom dressing. This was not bad.

Fat Prince, sausage menemen

That's the Cyprus pork sausage menemen with crispy potatoes- a Turkish styled scrambled eggs dish which is reminiscent of the common scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes breakfast plate. The orange stuff are the eggs spiced with harissa. Spices in the pork sausage tasted Middle Eastern - the only way I can think of describing. Stuffings were coarse and rustic underneath that caul fat which gave it great texture. This was pretty good too.

Fat Prince, turkish coffee

What's a Middle Eastern themed lunch without a finish of Turkish coffee. Beans courtesy of Sarnies.

Fat Prince, Peck Seah Street

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