Monday, September 05, 2016

Lamb and crepe suzette at Lawry's

Lawry's, truffle rosemary crusted lamb

This must have been only the second time where I've actually ordered something other than prime rib at Lawry's. While their rack of lamb wasn't too shabby, it was also kinda pricey for three little ribs worth of meat. Those orange furrows on the side are carrot puree by the way. All in all very decent but I won't be having them again.

Lawry's, mini prime rib

Not when their prime rib is their forte and is still one of the better ones around.

Lawry's, crepe suzette

Today we tried their crepe Suzette. We've been wanting to have it for quite a while so it was actually kinda exciting when they carted the trolley over to prepare the dessert. Three whole oranges, half a lemon, some butter and sugar.

Lawry's, crepe suzette

It was rather nice. Not that I've had that many crepe Suzette to make a proper comparison but I think we enjoyed it.

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zaphod beeblebrox said...

Have only had steak there. This looks lovely!