Wednesday, May 31, 2023

$5.50 nasi padang at Oxley Bizhub Part 2

FoodHub @ Oxley Bizhub, nasi padang

Following up from my previous mention about the nasi padang from FoodHub @ Oxley Bizhub, here's another. Similarly packed and a better look at what was actually in the box.

FoodHub @ Oxley Bizhub, nasi padang

Scooped the chunks of paru goreng aside so there's better perspective on how much I had gotten. The portions of the paru with bronchioles tends to be chewier.

FoodHub @ Oxley Bizhub, nasi padang

Sayur lodeh also plentiful. Though I don't know why I get tau kwa sometimes. Gotta be a random/mood thing.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

California Burrito from Muchachos

Muchachos, california burrito

Back at Muchachos. The menu said steak, fries, gravy, cheese and sour cream for this California Burrito. Not getting the latter two but I suppose they accounted for the creaminess. I liked it. Moreish brown sauce drenched over cubed beef and fries in a tube. This one was hefty and satisfying.

Muchachos, frasers tower cecil street

Monday, May 29, 2023

Duotou clams are back at Putien

Putien, steamed duotou clams 哆头蛏 garlic

We came by Putien (, 十一) for a quick dinner grabbed a plate of those sweet clams steamed with minced garlic together with their Xing Hua noodles (兴化米粉). Noticed that there're new dishes on their menu. Will come back another time for some of those.

Putien, xing hua mee fen 兴化米粉
Putien, soursop juice

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Avocado bacon burger and matcha cookies & cream shake from Shake Shack

Shake Shack, avocado bacon burger

Haven't had burgers from Shake Shack in a while. Here's their limited run avocado bacon burger which for some reasons is a thing. Just by adding sliced avocado. I'm not saying it's no good but I missed the point since there wasn't much added flavour or texture to the sandwich. Their marketing and operations have obviously green lit it long as one realistically accepts that there isn't much to expect, it's a decent Shake Shack burger which I think is delicious. 

Shake Shack, matcha cookies and cream shake

What we didn't expect was how much we dug the matcha cookies & cream shake; surprised by how it wasn't excessively sweet and that there was sufficient matcha flavouring to pass muster. Blows the pandan shake out of the water.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Hoe Lee Prawn Mee & Bak Ku Mee (和利虾麵肉骨麵), Hong Lim Food Centre

Hoe Lee Prawn Mee & Bak Ku Mee (和利虾麵肉骨麵), kuey teow soup

Here's a bowl of prawn kuey teow soup from Hoe Lee (#02-26 Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross Street). Old school, uncompetitively inoffensive in a light coffee hued broth infused in part with nostalgia, some halved prawns and white slices of lean pork loin which no food writer would wax lyrical about. Nice. Will come back again.

Hoe Lee Prawn Mee & Bak Ku Mee (和利虾麵肉骨麵), Hong Lim Food Centre

Friday, May 26, 2023

$8.50 curry chicken cutlet noodle and 水饺 soup from Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家)

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), curry chicken cutlet noodle

I just had the impression that the curry noodles tasted better the last time I had it. Today's curry felt a little thin and I don't think I would have put them in the same leagues as Cantonese Delights.

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), 水饺 dumpling soup

Ordered the dumpling soup to try their 水饺. Didn't think much of them at all. Without even comparing them with the king of the hill, these were just mediocre. Wouldn't be getting these again for sure 😂. 

Ji Ji Noodle House (基記麵家), hong lim food centre

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Lao Beijing, Square 2

Lao Beijing, Square 2

The last time we ate at Lao Beijing was years ago. They were then located at Novena Square. Apparently they've relocated to the back in the Square 2 building - in the same spot where Old Hong Kong Kitchen used to be.

Lao Beijing, lavender lemonade

Tried their lavender lemonade. Visually it didn't look like anything that had lavender or was lemonade. I thought the flavour weak initially and the taste oddly reminded me of lavender kombucha. For some reasons, it got more delicious after the food. Hmmm.... 

Lao Beijing, stir fried french beans minced pork

Their stir fried French beans were not the run of the mill because we could taste Szechuan peppercorn flavour it it. Wasn't in your face but it conveyed that mala flavouring which as been "the rage" in the past decade. Delicious with rice.

Lao Beijing, grilled lamb shank

Menu described this as spicy lamb shank. The lamb itself wasn't. Spiciness came from the dish of cumin powder on the side which packed heat, salt and loads of that cumin aroma that went well with the meat. Meat's a little dry but otherwise pretty decent eating.

Lao Beijing, xiao long bao

Tried their xiao long bao. Stuffings were pretty competent and filled with porky juices. Where they fell short of "the benchmark" was the skin which were obviously less delicate and felt a little stiff.

Lao Beijing, blackpink
Lao Beijing, blackpink

Strangely named 'hard not to love chicken mid wings'. First thought that came to mind was Blackpink. Those chickens mid wings were charcoal battered and served with a fruity strawberry/dragonfruit/mayo dip on the side which was......actually quite nice. This would be the second time we've had chicken with strawberry sauce.

Lao Beijing, hard not to love chicken mid wings

Batter was lighter than thee looks suggested but was pretty crumbly. Mid wings hidden beneath were meaty and pretty good eating.

Lao Beijing, Square 2
Lao Beijing, Square 2

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Lunch at the newer Suju

Suju, Suntory Takashimaya

We sure came back to Suju at Takashimaya real fast didn't we? ( 十一十二十三十四十五十六十七十八)

Suju, tea

Tea here is charged by the pot unlike Mandarin Gallery where there wasn't even a need to order. It's refillable and inexpensive here though. 

Suju, shitake tempura

I'm normally not big on shiitake. I enjoyed these because the flavour in these mushrooms weren't intense like the usual dried variety.

Suju, ooebi tempura

The quality of the individual ingredients of their tempura were good. From the sweet slice of pumpkin to the moist yet crunchy spear of asparagus or even the portion of sweet potato and tender eggplant. 

Suju, gindara nabe cod hot pot

Loved their gindara nabe. The paper pot was loaded with chunks of cod, cabbage, mushrooms and negi simmering in the spicy miso broth. Got this today with their seasonal chicken and chestnut rice.

Suju, gindara misozuke cod

Quality of their miso marinated gindara remains top notch with the sweet glaze, fatty meat and aromatic crisp skin that was impeccably charred. Portions appear to be a little bigger.

Suju, shake harasu salmon belly

Ditto for the shake harasu.

Suju, matcha tiramisu

Haven't gotten past their matcha tiramisu. So good.

Suju, yuzu ice cream

Yuzu ice cream for the recent sweltering heat.

Suju, operation hour

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Specialty Jumbo Noodle from The Noodle Memories (古月麵)

The Noodle Memories (古月麵), specialty jumbo noodle

I was thinking of getting the dry chilli ee mian for breakfast and the idea of adding some fried chicken cutlet sounded good. The proprietress informed me that the configuration would essentially be their Specialty Jumbo Noodle. That was how I ended up with that. I've previously said my piece on the noodle but I'll add on a little more today - the textures were so nicely put together from noodle, boiled vegetables, minced pork and the generous portions of wood ear fungus strips. Chicken cutlet tasted freshly fried and crisp. Satisfying.

The Noodle Memories (古月麵), Hong Lim Food Centre

Monday, May 22, 2023

Even more food from Pastaria Abate

Pastaria Abate, Neil Road

We're back at Pastaria Abate sooner than I thought. In my not so humble opinion, them opening a little later than most definitely helped keep them an option especially when we needed to get dinner past the usual hours.

Pastaria Abate, portobello fries

We were recommended their portobello fries. I knew what they were, just haven't had them before. These were really good. I think part of the trick was a nice flavour to the crisp batter that wasn't excessively crunchy. Mushroom wasn't dripping with juices and that was a good thing.

Pastaria Abate, truffle carbonara

Tried their truffle carbonara. It's a little wetter than I imagined. Their rendition uses pancetta affumicata which is in English, bacon 😂. What I thought to be worth mentioning was the truffle. It's from the truffle salsa they usually use so the flavour is more similar to how truffle might taste (can also be read as gentler) as opposed to the oil which is usually more in your face.

Pastaria Abate, spinach ravioli blue cheese

The restaurant recommended their spinach ravioli with blue cheese the last time we were here and we couldn't because we couldn't fit more food into our stomach. So we came back for them and hell yeah it was good. Tasted very homely and I meant that in a good way. Without that cheesy sauce and blue cheese stuffings, I could actually taste some of that spinach in the pasta. Pretty sure I did not imagine that.

Pastaria Abate, cioppino

Cioppino. Just found out that these things are American Italian and not Italian. This one has no fish. Noticed that their broth has an underlying flavour from mollusks, rather than crustaceans which I was expecting. There's cephalopods, clams, mussels and some prawns. Not bad but I was hoping for more punch from the seafood. Not sure what's the stuff slathered on top of the bread...tasted like garlic mayo?

Pastaria Abate, tiramisu

Our tiramisu came with a splash of Baileys tonight. 😬 Other than that, I think it tasted pretty much like how it did the last time we had it.

Pastaria Abate, himalayan salt latte

Himalayan salt latte. Today's brew was a little saltier than the last.

Pastaria Abate, Neil Road

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Waker Chicken, Holland Drive

Waker Chicken, Holland Drive

I've heard of Waker Chicken for a while and have been wanting to try them out. This was from the branch at Holland Drive (40 Holland Drive, #01-39). Fried chicken was not bad tasting but I also didn't think it was impressive or memorable. Crunchy, moist on the inside and all but that was all they were. Something was lacking in the department of flavour. The Original Crispy was kinda bland.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Hakka Signature rice bowl and more pancakes from Ah Lock & Co.

Ah Lock & Co, hakka signature rice bowl

Have been wanting to get the Hakka rice bowl from Ah Lock & Co. for a long time. This bowl was actually as tasty as I imagined it to be. The savoury soft boiled long beans and mani cai were delicious and so were the salted tau kwa and hefty meatballs.

Ah Lock & Co, min chiang kueh ban chang kueh

What we had been buying from them over the past few years were their min chiang kueh / ban chang kueh. The fillings of the pancakes appear to be less generous these days and the current crew manning it was obviously not well informed of how to heat up those pancakes because they were just lukewarm instead of hot like how they previously did.

Ah Lock & Co, Guoco Tower

Friday, May 19, 2023

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, Bugis Village

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, Bugis Village

Our first visit to Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons (Bugis Village, 158 Rochor Road) was years ago. That was back in the day when this was just their fourth ramen shop. It was a Mother's Day special where they featured their ise ebi tonkotsu ramen for $8.50. Which I always suspected was a pre-cursor for their now defunct Lobster King shop.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, Bugis Village

Have always wanted to come back to try their Four Seasons bowls and that's never happened until now.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, summer

After 3 eggs and a heap of bean sprouts came the Summer bowl. Got this with hard noodles and strong taste for the broth. The bowl, red splashed, was topped with a ball of spicy minced meat and a thin slice of charshu. Also one kikurage (wood ear fungus) on the side. I liked it. Great balance from the savoury tonkotsu broth pairing with...whatever was red that made it spicy. It's a different heat profile from their Red Spicy.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons, Bugis Village