Friday, May 07, 2021

Of yellow croakers, Duotou clams and others at Putien

Putien, chilli sauce

The Yellow Croaker Festival is not yet over but the Duotou clams are already in season. Hence both items have their seasonal dishes on their menu. What are Doutou claims you might wonder? they're succulent meaty clams which are harvested in and named after the village of Dou Tou in Putien.

Putien, duotou clams fermented wine

Here're some of those clams in chilled in fermented wine. The dominant flavour here was the wine. I thought that the clams packed more flavour in previous cooked noodle dishes we've had.

Putien, steamed duotou clams garlic

The clams were also available steamed with garlic puree. What worked here was the garlic that they used weren't overpowering and had a sweetness with paired with the meat from the clams.

Putien, deep fried yellow croaker

Fried yellow croaker from their regular menu.

Putien, steamed yellow croaker chopped chillis

Yellow croaker steamed with chopped chillis. Not as spicy as it was salty from the fermented black beans that were used in those chilli. Delicious with rice. The meat from the fish was tender.

Putien, spinach superior stock

Tried their spinach in supreme stock - a stock that oddly reminded me of the smoky gravy from hor fun that I had when I was a kid. This was good. Garlic cloves in the dish were fragrant, tender and sweet.

Putien, rice

Gotta have rice for the chopped chilli from the steamed yellow croaker and that supreme stock from the spinach.

Putien, double boiled pear osmanthus aged mandarin peel

We had room for desserts so this was their double boiled pear with osmanthus and aged mandarin peel. The flavour from the mandarin peel came through in the soup and the pear.

Putien, lotus seed white fungus soup

And some very tender white fungus that was sweet and soothing.

Putien, great world

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