Sunday, May 02, 2021

See Sean Rice Stall (时鲜饭店), People's Park Complex Food Centre

See Sean Rice Stall (时鲜饭店), yang zhou fried rice

If anyone was wondering what was remarkable about this particular plate of Yang Zhou fried rice, here's a clue in to the obvious. They use real char siew instead of crab sticks or the gooey matter that's pretending to be crab sticks which are in turn pretending to be char siew. The other thing would be those golden brown nuggets in the fried rice - those were fried lard, not salted fish. Coupled with some smoky scorching on the rice, it made a pretty good eating with their cut chillis.

See Sean Rice Stall (时鲜饭店), roast duck

While waiting for the rice to be fried, I went through a duck drumstick which I had added on to the order fried rice. Meat was reasonably tender with full flavoured skin and some bits of fat. Yes, these guys (#01-1026 People's Park Complex Food Centre, 32 New Market Road) indeed do both roast meats (烧腊) and cze char.

See Sean Rice Stall (时鲜饭店), People's Park Food Centre

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