Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Marché, before dining out is out again

Marché,  313 Somerset

This was our last meal out before the Heightened Alert came into effect and we could no longer eat out again for another month. Since we hadn't eaten at Marché for a while, it sounded good.

Marche, xxxl schnitzel

They've introduced their XXXL schnitzel for a while now. I was curious. There's pork, beef and chicken. This was beef, presumably veal because while I could tell it was meat, I couldn't tell for sure what meat it was. The beef was pounded thin and the fried cutlet was huge. I was initially thinking that I might not be able to finish this but as it turned out, the breading was nice and crisp. Even though it was largely breading (maybe 60+%?), it was tasty and we did finished it.

Marche, rosti cheddar egg

Rosti with cheddar and fried egg was good. Very nice. Now I know specifically what to repeat orders for this in the future.

Marche, lamb ribs

The lamb chops looked sizeable so we ordered some. Filled with generous layering of flavourful fat on the meat. Kinda happy that this last meal out for a while was satisfying.

Marché,  313 Somerset

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