Saturday, May 29, 2021

Another take out from Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

We've done take out from Margaret Drive Chicken Rice a number of times. I'm detecting inconsistencies with the standards of their rice. We had this to go before the lunch crowd came in so they were just about finished with the preparation to start service when I made the order.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, chicken

The chicken had just been taken out of their cold water bath. Chilled and tender but it was never at the standards of the old Sin Kee. Still nice though.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, cucumbers

I asked them to leave out the coriander and they left out the spring onions as well for some reasons. But we were given a lot of sliced cucumbers.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, rice

Today's rice was substandard even for this particular stall. I could tell from the texture that they were slightly undercooked because of the extra graininess. I expected that a professional who believed in their craft would not have let something like that slip and would rather tell a customer to wait rather than rush something that needed a bit more time. 

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