Monday, May 10, 2021

Wonderful Bapsang, IMM

Wonderful Bapsang, donggassu

Someone suggested this place (#02-25 IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, tel : +65 6250 9609) for lunch and I hadn't any idea what was the place about aside from being Korean. They did have a pretty generic looking menu with Korean bbq and was attached to a mart selling Korean products.

Ended up with a donggassu/donkkaseu which was presumably (and obviously!) the Korean take on tonkatsu. Meat's thinner and so was the crust which didn't look like it had panko. The drizzled over sauce also didn't taste like regular tonkatsu sauce - this tasted like some brown sauce with a tanginess like it had HP sauce. The shredded cabbage was also much coarser. It wasn't bad though.

Banchan was pretty decent and free flow. We liked the kimchi that we had multiple refills of it. Wouldn't mind coming back again.

Wonderful Bapsang, IMM

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