Saturday, May 15, 2021

Big Fish Small Fish, Bugis Junction

Big Fish Small Fish, haddock and chips

I've heard of this shop for a couple of years but have never tried their food until recently. I had previously misjudged them for another faceless clone of Fish & Co or Manhattan Fish Market. They aren't exactly that. Big Fish Small Fish (#04-05 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6904 8386) has more options and better quality for their fish and chips.

Big Fish Small Fish, haddock and chips

This was haddock and chips. You had to top up $1.50 to get chips (or fries) because they were served with crisps as a default. Don't know what's the deal with those crisps but I like mine with chips. Back to the haddock - the fish was firm and flaky with a solid crunchy flavoured batter that wasn't excessively thick. Great contrast pairing. IIRC, they also costed as much as what Smiths used to charge for their fish and chips.

Big Fish Small Fish, grilled sea bass

There's grilled sea bass on the menu. Looked more pan fried than grilled to me. Didn't taste bad though. Sautéed vegetables on the side were tender and the crisps....were crisps - greasier potato chips. The pilaf was spiced and punctuated with sweetness from the raisins but the rice was dry and lumpy and would have benefitted with a bit more of salt.

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