Thursday, April 30, 2020

Home delivery food from Brotzeit Go

Brotzeit Go, delivery

I ended up trying what Brotzeit Go has for the current "circuit breaker" season because I stumbled upon their advertisement by chance and saw that there's a bunch of stuff they didn't have previously. Perhaps these were designed for easy takeaway consumption since it was mostly their burgers and fladen. In fact, the only food item that wasn't those was their pork knuckle.

Brotzeit Go, pork knuckle fladen

There was a pork knuckle fladen. It's not bad. Caramelized onions, cheese and a drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar to cut through the fat. Came with a nice beery sauce. If there was anything I didn't really like about it, it'd be that this might have been better if you ate at the restaurant so that the fat from the knuckle was warmer, softer and the rind would be more crisp rather than hard.

Brotzeit Go, porky cheeseburger

Tried a porky cheeseburger because it was a pork burger - something a lot less common than it sounded. Patty was pretty salty, dry and mostly flavoured with rosemary. Bread added to the dryness. Good thing there was the sauce from the fladen.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A take away from 328 Katong Laksa

328 Katong Laksa, takeout

This didn't taste very different from eating in. Which was kinda nice. The noodles and the ingredients were still blanched in and drained of their laksa gravy before they're packed. The rest of the laksa gravy was packed separately from the rest of the bowl so one got pretty much the same soak time for the noodles.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Kay Lee Roast delivery

Kay Lee Roast

Same order as what I ate when I first tried Kay Lee some years ago. Char siew and roasted duck rice. This was from the outlet at Bukit Merah View. I specified breast meat for the duck hoping that I wouldn't get any bones but there were still bones in it. That simply meant the stall didn't give a shit.

It's not pretty looking but I suppose in times like this, presentation and its preservation isn't the point. Didn't taste that great too. If I had to pick a reason why I didn't enjoy it much, it would be because of the char siew which didn't taste like how I remembered it. The caramelized flavour wasn't there. Definitely not as good as the first time which isn't acceptable for Kay Lee.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Home delivery zi char from Sin Hoi Sai

Sin Hoi Sai, delivery

First time getting delivery from Sin Hoi Sai. They were pretty expensive. Almost $72 for four dishes and two portions of rice. But we hadn't eaten from them for a while and not being able to eat out triggers sporadic random cravings. Got some of the items we liked.

Sin Hoi Sai, deep fried prawns

Like their fried prawns which were nice with their sambal belachan.

Sin Hoi Sai, prawn paste chicken

Missed those prawn paste chicken which were good with and without their sambal belachan. These were still crisp when we got them and some of the pieces were dripping with juices.

Sin Hoi Sai, salted fish minced meat tofu

This tofu dish has always been excellent pairing with rice. Tofu was tender.

Sin Hoi Sai, sambal petai

One of the nice sambal petai out there which we usually unsuccessfully try not to order when we eat there. Gotta do this. I meant, did this!

Sin Hoi Sai, rice

The sambal petai and minced meat tofu with salted fish were delicious with rice. These were stuff that we were never gonna attempt to cook at home.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Shrimp Cheeks from Bread Society

shrimp cheeks

I got these shrimp cheeks out of curiosity some weeks back because they were essentially crispy shrimp heads. Naturally, my brain associated them with the flavour of head fat which = tasty. But it wasn't like that. Shrimp cheek flavour != head fat flavour. These tasted not very different from regular prawn crackers despite them being actual fried shrimp heads.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Home made sandwich - ham, cheese, omelette and butterhead

Home made sandwich - ham, cheese, omelette and butterhead

Since we cannot eat out anymore, I suppose there's something also to look at while eating in. Home made sandwiches. Fried omelette with buttered butterhead, President sliced Cheddar and ham. I could tell you how delicious the salty cheese and ham was with the piping hot omelette between lightly crisped toast but that would be pointless wouldn't it? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A take away from Pizza Hut

Covid 19 has made adjustments to our....well, lives/habits. I know of one change amongst numerous it has made in mine. It had gotten me to get something from Pizza Hut again. Which I have not done in years. Why? I suppose the main draw was the 50% discount that they were giving for takeaway.

That above was their Meat Galore. I personally feel that "galore" isn't descriptively accurate. Usually $35.90 - which I think is wayyyy overpriced. Now for $17.95 which is cheaper than the $20 pies that Pezzo is doing at this point of time but I feel Pezzo has more generous toppings.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Take out from Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, takeout

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, chicken

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, chicken

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, cucumber spring onions

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice, chicken rice

I know I've mentioned previously that Margaret Drive Chicken Rice tasted much like the old-er Sin Kee. After this take out, I've more thoughts. The rice wasn't as good as Sin Kee after all. The texture was similar, it was light and flavoured without being too heavy and all but - the flavour wasn't as deep. I don't know if this is a one off since it's only the second time we've gotten their chicken rice.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Luke's before dining out is out

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House

This was the first dinner we've had at Luke's in town. The other time we've ever had dinner was at their first restaurant at Gemmill Lane.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, bloody mary

Seems like the coarse salt flakes are gone for good. Just like their poppyseed buns. The Bloody Mary is still as delicious though.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, corn bread

Corn bread are still good.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, clam chowder

Haven't had their clam chowder for a while. Tasted also as good as the first time we've had it back in 2011.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, usda ribeye

Got their USDA ribeye medium rare done "Luau" style. There was a sweet glaze that was similar to char siew on the surface of the nicely charred steak. A first sweet and savoury steak for us. Can't say we didn't enjoy it.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, dutch veal chop

We had their Dutch veal chop. Very tender. Not as much flavour as I had imagined from the anchovy Marmite butter though even though the name strongly suggested otherwise.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, kale salad

Luke's refreshing kale salad is always welcomed as a side.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, hash brown

Had their old style hash brown on the side. Crisp and buttery. There's Boursin cheese in it that made it richer than just an ordinary buttery hash brown.

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Brown sugar pancakes from Nirai Kanai

Nirai Kanai, brown sugar pancakes

All these time that we've been to Nirai Kanai, we've never tried their brown sugar pancakes until recently. Man this was good. I don't know if they were freshly made or merely heated up on order but they were delicious with the whipped cream on the side. In case anyone was wondering, they were crepe-like, rolled up then sliced even though they were called pancakes on the menu.

Monday, April 13, 2020

SLATE., Purvis Street

Slate (#01-00, 24 Purvis Street, tel : +65 6261 1724). Food's okay. Cafe in the day time and from what I read, contemporary Asian restaurant in the evening. Which means plenty to plenty of people so I'm not going into that territory.

Their lemongrass lemonade drink was not bad, but kinda small for what they were charging.

Ordered their G&G sandwich because there was suppose to be Gammon ham and Gruyère and fried bread. It was open faced. I hadn't been expecting that. Liked the ham and pretty okay-ish truffle Gruyère sauce. It's one of those I don't mind eating if I'm here or in the vicinity but wouldn't come all the way here for it kind of thing. I did enjoy their salad on the side......

...salad that also came with their Side Way Omelette. Side ways because it's filled with crab and crabs walk sideways. So beside crab meat there was also smoked crab fat (obviously kani miso) and tobiko. It's okay, not outstanding. Omelette had a Asian style to it. 

Back to the salad. It's kinda like a mix between a generic mesclun + Thai mango/papaya salad. Minus fish sauce, heat and sugar. Also tasted nicer than how I described it. Yes, there were strips of mango  (or was that papaya) and fantastic crunchy textures. 

They have smoked fish fried rice on menu. It's edible. Wished there was more smoked fish and tobiko in it because those would have made up for the fact that it wasn't an incredible fried rice. I had initially thought that this might have been some sort of kedgeree but I guess not.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Briyani from Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani, briyani

I've heard mentions of the briyani from the Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani stall. Since I haven't tried it before I decided to come down to see if they were good like how their queues suggested.  

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani, curry chicken

The flavour was local - meaning that it was less intense from the flavour of the spices, be it from the briyani rice or the chicken curry. Didn't taste bad. The food was comforting in an old school sort of way. But I wouldn't say that they were particularly memorable. The meat from chicken thigh was very tender though. 

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani, vegetables

It was mentioned that their stewed vegetables were good. It's not bad. The first words that came to mind were tender and salty.

Tanglin Halt Roti Prata & Nasi Briyani

I get their prata and wouldn't mind coming back for that. Pretty sure there are more flavourful briyani that can be easily found. 

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Steak dinner at Huber's Bistro

Huber's Bistro, argentinian tenderloin blue cheese

We haven't come over to Huber's Bistro for a while and decided to for a couple of reasons. The restaurant has now a bunch of steak options that are dinner only and - nobody wants to tar pow steak home. This was shortly before the prohibition of dining in for restaurants as part of the local government's "circuit breaker" .

Huber's Bistro, argentinian tenderloin

Got the Argentinian grass fed tenderloin because there was a Gorgonzola topping option. 220g, so not a large steak.

Huber's Bistro, blue cheese

That's the said Gorgonzola topping - which I had initially imagined to be some sort of sauce like what they used to have

Huber's Bistro, australian wagyu spider steak

The other steak we tried was their Australian wagyu spider steak - a cut near the hip bone of the cow that contains reticular structured fat filaments that is reminiscent of a spider’s web. Hence the name. The flavour was outstanding that I thought it needed nothing beyond salt and pepper. Not that a good sauce wouldn't be nice but....

Huber's Bistro, flat iron steak

Ordered an Australian Angus flat iron with mushroom sauce. Because the steaks were small and we needed more. Again, a cut with sufficient flavour that only salt and pepper is required though I kinda enjoyed it with their mushroom sauce too.

Huber's Bistro, Dempsey

Friday, April 10, 2020

Maddie's Kitchen revisited

Remember I said we'd come back to Maddie's Kitchen. Here we are back.

Maddie's Kitchen, beef hor fun

As far as I can remember, their beef tenderloin hor fun in black bean sauce is likely the only one I've ever truly enjoyed. The wok hei infused rice noodles came with seared slices of beef tenderloin that hadn't been tenderized to death like most if not all beef hor fun. It's actually difficult to find in such a dish where the meat had the texture of meat rather than that of an unidentified meat substance. Liked that there was enough of the fermented black bean flavour in the gravy. 

Maddie's Kitchen, oyster omelette

Was taken in by their rendition of oyster omelette. I liked that there was a good ratio between the flour and the eggs and the outcome had a fragrant and savoury light crisp to it. Oysters were fat. While it was greasy, it wasn't excessive to the point that one would easily suffer from surfeit after a couple of bites if you know what I mean. You know you want this.

Maddie's Kitchen, fish soup

Enjoyed their slice red grouper soup. Soup had a light hint of ginger, appropriately salted and had a good flavour going on. It's a bit more expensive but a lot more satisfying than the one from Yu Mei Mei Shi.

Maddie's Kitchen, pork trotter bee hoon

The dish we didn't think much of was their pork trotter bee hoon. The flavour seemed a little different from most trotter bee hoon we've had. Portions were hearty and the noodles were well coated with the braising gravy; but the taste didn't quite push the right buttons for us.