Friday, April 10, 2020

Maddie's Kitchen revisited

Remember I said we'd come back to Maddie's Kitchen. Here we are back.

Maddie's Kitchen, beef hor fun

As far as I can remember, their beef tenderloin hor fun in black bean sauce is likely the only one I've ever truly enjoyed. The wok hei infused rice noodles came with seared slices of beef tenderloin that hadn't been tenderized to death like most if not all beef hor fun. It's actually difficult to find in such a dish where the meat had the texture of meat rather than that of an unidentified meat substance. Liked that there was enough of the fermented black bean flavour in the gravy. 

Maddie's Kitchen, oyster omelette

Was taken in by their rendition of oyster omelette. I liked that there was a good ratio between the flour and the eggs and the outcome had a fragrant and savoury light crisp to it. Oysters were fat. While it was greasy, it wasn't excessive to the point that one would easily suffer from surfeit after a couple of bites if you know what I mean. You know you want this.

Maddie's Kitchen, fish soup

Enjoyed their slice red grouper soup. Soup had a light hint of ginger, appropriately salted and had a good flavour going on. It's a bit more expensive but a lot more satisfying than the one from Yu Mei Mei Shi.

Maddie's Kitchen, pork trotter bee hoon

The dish we didn't think much of was their pork trotter bee hoon. The flavour seemed a little different from most trotter bee hoon we've had. Portions were hearty and the noodles were well coated with the braising gravy; but the taste didn't quite push the right buttons for us.

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