Friday, April 03, 2020

Two Men Bagel House, Holland Village

Two Men Bagel House, Holland Village

Two Men Bagel House has a new shop at Holland Village (17D Lorong Liput). I thought it was a good idea to check them out since I've been eating at the shop at Icon Village a number of times now (         ). Because of COVID19, they're only doing take aways.

Two Men Bagel House, elvis chocolate chip bagel

The outlet exclusive bagel that this shop has which the other branches don't is the chocolate chip. This is their Elvis on chocolate chip bagel. Caramelized banana jam, bananas, candied bacon and peanut butter. How could I say no to that? It's nice. Deliciously messy kinda nice and I felt that the bacon, yup the bacon, brought it all together in its own way.

Two Men Bagel House, Mademoiselle Chantal chocolate chip bagel

Mademoiselle Chantal featured corned beef, honey baked ham, Swiss cheese with a sunny side up and some Carolina mustard. I liked it as a cold cut bagel with eggs and cheese. Not out of place with the chocolate chip bagel as one might initially think.

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