Sunday, July 14, 2019

More food from Sin Hoi Sai

We've heard varied opinions about Sin Hoi Sai. Some good, some not so good. We've been here a few times. It hasn't been bad so far. Here's another recent late dinner.

Sin Hoi Sai, salted fish minced meat tofu

That's the salted fish and minced meat tofu. Sauce was a little sweet, mostly savoury and it tasted like it might have had some kind of cooking wine in it. I could be wrong. We though it was a straightforward comfort dish with rice. Gotta have rice with this. I liked this better than their hot plate tofu. Which wasn't bad. I just liked this better.

Sin Hoi Sai, prawn paste chicken

More of their har cheong gai. Brings out the masochist in me with their sambal belachan.

Sin Hoi Sai, sambal kangkong

Their stir fried sambal kang kong was competent. While their sambal recipe wasn't my favourite rendition for this particular dish, it's not bad. Gotta do this with rice too.

Sin Hoi Sai, sotong rojak

This was sotong rojak. Fried squid with rojak. A rojak that consisted of just sliced turnips, cucumbers and pineapple with a sauce that didn't taste much like the regular rojak sauce. To be fair, the menu spelled it as 'roja sauce'. Hahaha. So maybe this mildly tangy and mostly sweet sauce was what roja tasted like. But if one were to disassociate the dish with regular rojak sauces and not compare, this was not bad. The vegetables/fruits were crisp and refreshing in the sauce and those squid were very competently fried. 

The crushed peanuts they used in the sauce had just started getting rancid. We fed back to to the wait staff and they were willing to whip up another serving sans crush peanuts for replacement. 

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