Monday, July 15, 2019

Picnic : other than Omakase Burger and pizzas...

We were here at Picnic to give the roasted chicken on the poster a go thinking that there ought to be something else worth eating apart from Omakase Burger and the pizza station.

Picnic roasted chicken

This was the actual bird. It sucked. Not as nicely browned, the skin also had a very generic dried oregano flavour. Even the meat from the thigh was dry. It's a hundred leagues behind Poulét (which had seen better days). Even Cold Storage's pre roasted chickens tasted better than this one.

The only item on the plate that tasted good was the buttery mash on the side.

Picnic garlic prawn rosti

Tried a garlic prawn rosti from the stall next to the one with the mediocre roasted chicken. This rosti was made from pretty fine strips of potato. Buttery and a little cheesy tasting even. Garlic prawns didn't taste garlic-ky. At all. Salad looked like an afterthought so I didn't even touch a leaf.

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