Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bismillah Biryani, Dunlop Street

Bismillah Biryani, Dunlop Street

I've heard about Bismillah (48 & 50 Dunlop Street, tel : +65 6935 1326) and their dum biryani for years. The owner, a Pakistani who's been here for a few decades never thought the local renditions to measure up and decided to whip up his own rendition. The rest is history and in recent years they've listed in the Bib Gourmand. Never got around to giving them a try until today.

Bismillah Biryani, kid goat briyani

We ordered their kid goat biryani.

Bismillah Biryani, lamb chop briyani

And the lamb chop biryani. Bismillah's biryani easily costs twice or more than the regular prices we're used to paying. 

The preparation is different from most of the local variety. The closest other rendition I've encountered was Azizah at Geylang Serai which is incidentally also Pakistani styled. There's less oil for starters for the both of them which resulted in a dryer and lighter plate of rice. This is where the similarity ends.

Bismillah had more spice going on and is served without dalcha. Instead, one gets something which I thought tasted like buttermilk. Not raita.

Some of the chunks of the kid goat was dry. Wouldn't come back for that again. The lamb chops were fatty, nicely marinated with spices and hence, flavourful. Nice and also 33.3% more expensive than the goat biryani.

Bismillah Biryani, haleem

The other thing I liked from them was their haleem - a stodgy stew of lentils, mutton and spices. And some other stuff which I probably don't know about. What impressed me about the haleem was how it had been thoroughly infused with the flavour of mutton. I'm venturing a guess that a lot of fat went into the dish. Delicious though. 

Bismillah Biryani, Dunlop Street

Note to self : don't get their mango lassi again. Tasted like melted mango kulfi. No yoghurt flavour.

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