Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tess Bar & Kitchen, Seah Street

Tess Bar & Kitchen, Seah Street

Been wanting to come to Tess Bar & Kitchen (38 Seah Street, tel : +65 6337 7355) for a few years now so it's finally happened. We ordered a number of small plates which was what this place was essentially about. Plates that goes with drinks. 

Tess Bar & Kitchen, lamb short ribs

Delicious lamb short rib they do here. The menu described a pomegranate crust which I was unable to relate with those ribs. There was a glaze though. Tangy and sweet and spiced up. The lamb was flavourfully fatty and slide off the bone tender.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, camembert

Camembert with truffle salsa and garlic toasts. Yum! Where were the thyme flowers?

Tess Bar & Kitchen, roasted cauliflower cheese

Roasted cauliflower with cheese was also pretty good. It was supposed to be aged cheddar according to the menu. Not getting any sharpness or much salt from the cheddar. Menu mentioned scorched cashew nuts as well. Quantities of those cashews must have been so little that I don't recall having had them.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, bone marrow

Their bone marrow's a signature item. Those beef cubes that was served with the marrow were incredibly tender, layered by a warm sweet glaze made with some jus and some wine. I think. I thought that the point of to dish was lost because I ordered this for bone marrow. Which the dish had very little of.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, chicken liver toasts

I liked the chicken liver toasts. There might have been a bit too much of the grape and port chutney left things a bit too sweet but I thought it was a forgivable off balance. Still delicious.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, fried pork belly

Fried pork belly passed muster. That black sauce on the side was described as Asian dip. Liked the sweet and spicy from it which worked with both those guava and pork belly. More of the guava would be nice though.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, tess 1.0

This was a dessert called Tess 1.0. Interesting because it had salty elements in it like the truffle salsa and pretty generous sprinkle of diced Gorgonzola piccante. Sweetness came from dried fruits and honeycomb. So this ended up being quite intensely salty and sweet. But no truffle honey or compressed grapes like the menu described.

Tess Bar & Kitchen, Seah Street

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