Sunday, July 07, 2019

Revisiting Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel, Tiong Bahru

Dinner by happenstance at Merci Marcel.

Merci Marcel, duck rillette camembert pear

We hadn't an idea how the duck rillette with marinated pear and Camembert would look like when we ordered it. Made sense that they were on toast. This was a flavour bomb. The savouriness from the rillette, a mild sweetness from the pear (marinated ones, not those sliced ones) and then the nutty melty Camembert. Umami and dripping with grease on bread. How could we not?

Merci Marcel, tarte flambee

Merci Marcel's tarte flambée had a very thin crust. Kinda like a sturdy pastry rather than a dough crust. That thinness made it lighter and easier to eat. Textures from the asparaguses, thin bacon strips and rocket and their flavours. Savoury.

The menu mentioned blue cheese and apples. Very little blue cheese of unknown origins and I don't remember tasting anything like apples in there.

Merci Marcel, striploin

We ordered a striploin. It's okay. Sauce was not bad. Creamy mushrooms were delicious like I remembered them. Meat was a little sinewy. Wished it wasn't. I didn't dislike it as a whole. In my head, I just kept comparing and comparing and comparing and comparing. And comparing.

Merci Marcel, chocolate cake

We finished with a simple chocolate cake. Not the one that will elicit the most pleasurable moan but pretty competent. If I had to nitpick, I wished that the chocolate were a bit more intense. But we liked it. Cake was dense, soft and not overly sweet. Loved it for the simplicity and cream. 

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