Monday, September 03, 2018

Revisiting Atout

Atout, fig

This was an unexpected long lunch fuelled with wine and conversation at Atout. Well over three hours. I'm thinking it should happen more often.

Atout, cod liver

There was cod liver pâté on the menu. Never had these before. Only cod liver oil as a kid. The liver was delicious. The taste was much milder than chicken liver with a texture that was smoother as well. 

Atout, figs

Because figs were in season and hence on the special boards, we just had to have them. Especially when they've been baked into a tender sweetness topped with melted blue cheese and walnuts.

Atout, frog legs

The frog legs were similar to the ones at Le Bistrot du Sommelier and understandably so. Meat was slurp off the bone tender.

Atout, ribeye au poivre

One of the reasons for this visit was for their ribeye au poivre with brandy cream sauce that we first tasted at Casse Croûte. Hell yeah it was good that it reduced us to "mmmm...."s. This was at least a light year beyond the sad con job that was Ruth's Chris. Shame on them. Here was nicely exectued doneness, tender good quality meat and proper browning with great flavour.

Atout, baby potatoes

We had a side of sautéed baby potatoes to go along.

Atout, wine

That red. I can't remember what it was but it was recommended to go with their meat. Excellent choice with sharp peppery notes that paired very nicely with their delicious ribeye au poivre.

Atout, calvados

For some reasons, we were also given a complimentary shot of Calvados.

Atout, souffle

I'm not sure if the shot of Calvados had a role to play as a subconscious suggestion but we ended up with their Calvados soufflé for dessert. Competently done. Liked those chunks of apples that were at the bottom.

Atout, Dempsey

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