Sunday, September 09, 2018

Chee Cheong Fun Club, Maxwell Food Centre

Chee Cheong Fun Club, curry chee cheong fun

Interesting name....Chee Cheong Fun Club (#01-38 Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street). The proprietress is from Malaysia and what the shop does is allegedly Malaysian styled chee cheong fun. I get the curry rendition which was quite delicious. I had been initially comparing them to the rich and viscous Peranakan variety that I grew up with but this wasn't that. Still tasty and a nice eat with the fried bean curd goods and meatball. Watch out for those crispy fried hae bi.

Chee Cheong Fun Club, chee cheong fun sesame sauce

The one that I haven't tried before was the chee cheong fun with sesame sauce. It looked like caramel and tasted like peanut butter. More salty than sweet and quite nutty. Again, I was thinking that it might have been similar to Japanese goma dressing but this wasn't it. I liked this too. I'll come back another day to try their laksa ccf.

Chee Cheong Fun Club, Maxwell Food Centre

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