Tuesday, September 04, 2018

John's Pizzeria & Bakery, Alexandra Road

I came across the mention of this shop online (321 Alexandra Road, tel : +65 6254 8920) and thought it might be interesting to to see what their pizza is about. Apparently these guys are doing New York styled pizza. I mean, really? I certainly had reservations about that claim.

We had a half and half of pepperoni and sausage onions and mushrooms. I'm not an expert nor could I even say that I've had enough NY slices to know the difference but these didn't feel like them. The menu mentioned 14" but these looked to me more like 12-13". Not close to 16" for sure. Crust was thin and cornicione was a little bready. The topping was decent but not outstanding. The pie didn't taste too bad though.

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