Saturday, September 01, 2018

Japan Rail Cafe, Tanjong Pagar Centre

Japan Rail Cafe, Tanjong Pagar Centre

We've been here a few times and I definitely recall having taken photos. For some reasons, I've never gotten around to blogging Japan Rail Cafe (#01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre, 5 Wallich Street, tel : +65 6385 5422). Well, better late than never. No? Anyways they're a Japanese cafe with Japan Rail theme - somewhat. Maybe 'Japan travel, lifestyle and news' would be a more appropriate description. One can actually purchase JR passes or even book hotels through their website. They're a mixed bag plus a cafe. That's right.

Japan Rail Cafe, curry rice

JR Cafe has staples on their menu which doesn't really change. Those stuff include curry rice, donburi and burgers to name a few. They're generally pretty decent but I feel that the portions are a little small. The curry rice has a few options for toppings and I think the fried chicken and scallops are nice. There are seasonal items occasionally like the gyutan teishoku for this month. Pretty flavoursome thick cut beef tongue with that beefy taste that got more pronounced the more one chewed on them. Not a bad place to drop by once in a while.

Japan Rail Cafe, gyutan teishoku

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