Friday, August 31, 2018

Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look Bigger : Year Twelve

Twelve. The number of hour markers on the dial of a watch. An alleged claim to the number of knights at Arthur's Round Table. The number of disciples Jesus reportedly had excluding the one that supposedly betrayed him. The number of books in John Milton's Paradise Lost. The number of signs of the Zodiac in western astrology. The largest number with a single-syllable name in English.  The number of edges in a cube.  The number of lunar months that maketh the lunar year. The number of years Solomon Northup spent as a slave. The number of function keys most keyboards have. The number of food blogs one can buy with a dime these days. The number of counts of twelve in this paragraph.

And also the number of anniversaries Small Potatoes has made the steak look bigger.

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