Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tenshin tenyears later

We first found out about and visited Tenshin about ten years ago. This was us coming back a decade later today because we still remembered that we wanted to come back to try something else from the menu. Prices have gone up since. The entry tempura set at lunch is now $40 - $10 up from 10 years ago. Their uni tempura is now a princely $45 a pop. The rest of the restaurant seemed to have remained the same.

Goma tofu was served as part of the zensai. I don't remember this from the last time. It was nice and nutty though.

This was their tendon from their tokusen tendon set. What was different from the regular tendon was that this came with their ebi kakiage tempura - which could also be ordered separately at $30 a pop. Which we also did because the chopped prawns were so delicious and sweet.

That's the uni tempura...sea urchin sealed in a seaweed packet which is then tempura battered and fried briefly. It's not on the menu, but many people seem to know about it. It's still as good and 50% more expensive compared to the last time I had them.

No uni lover says no to this.

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