Monday, August 06, 2018

Todamgol (토담골), Tanjong Pagar Road

Todamgol (토담골), Tanjong Pagar Road

We came across Todamgol (31 Tanjong Pagar Road, tel : +65 6224 7077) only a year or so ago and later found out that they have been in business for a number of years. With the number of Korean restaurants along Tanjong Pagar, each have almost become as faceless as the snow. What drew our attention to Todamgol was the decor. These guys just looked a little different.

Todamgol (토담골), banchan

Banchan was the first to be served. They can be refilled on request. I don't think the restaurant's intention was to load anyone up on these so you do need to ask if you want more.

Todamgol (토담골), rice

We ordered rice. These bowls were at least 3 times the cost of the local variety but hell yeah they were so good. The rice was cooked to the point where they were almost fluffy yet still sticky and soft. So good that we started on them with the banchan before the other food arrived.

Todamgol (토담골), kkaennipp jeon

The first of the dishes to arrive was one of their pancakes the menu called kken ib jun. The receipt brought the name together as kkenibjun and if one were to be inclined to inquire the powers that be, they could be commonly referred to kkaennip jeon. Jeon is pancake and kkaennip refers to perilla. Even though the menu has translated it to sesame as perilla is also sometimes called 'wild sesame', they're not related to sesame.

Those perilla leaves had a slice of pork in between their folded leaves before they were egg coated and pan fried. Pretty good stuff there.

Todamgol (토담골), bossam

Hadn't had bossam in a while so we thought why not. Turned out to be a good call. The slices of boiled pork belly were very tender with flavoursome fat. Those kimchi that were on the side tasted quite strongly of fermented bean. Here was where I thought the bossam ChoWon Garden did better with the kimchi. Still, we enjoyed this.

Todamgol (토담골), deon jang jigae

For good measure, a deon jang jigae. Nice, had a little bit of heat but was a little flat so we added some ssamjang and the bean-y kimchi from the bossam which upped the flavour game.  

Todamgol (토담골), Tanjong Pagar Road

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