Sunday, August 26, 2018

Patties & Wiches, Ngee Ann City

Patties & Wiches (#03-10A, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, tel : +65 62687237) was opened a little over a couple of years back by Ginza Kuroson - which incidentally also has its own branch set up just next door but that's another story. This was a Japanese cafe with burgers and sandwiches. Which is also a thing if you didn't already know. I hear their cakes/pastries are from Chef Yamashita and bread is sourced from Asanoya Bakery.

We tried the burger with blue cheese which was topped with the Danish Emborg blue. While not as pronounced (read sharp) as a Gorgonzola piccante or a Stilton, there was enough of the funk around that also had a smoother finish. The patty was competent if ordinary tasting. Not enough flavour or char to have much of character so I'm not sure if that patty was meant shine on it's own even though there were the words 'wagyu beef' being bandied about. 

They had a nicely done mushroom Swiss which featured a generous pile of mushrooms under melted cheese. Over the same wagyu patty. Pretty mushroomy. Nicely done. Absolutely dripping with grey mushroom juices.

If there was one thing I wasn't satisfied with, it was the size of their burgers. The portions were pretty small even for the larger option. They didn't come cheap either.

Dessert was a bit of letdown. That's their apple cobbler which featured an apple tart/crumble with ice cream. Not much spices coming through from the apples except a bit of cinnamon and the pastry wasn't crunchy or buttery much. Caramel drizzle tasted flat and could possibly come from a squeeze bottle. Tasted like something that was stuck in an oven and served - something that one can also get from Coffee Bean or Starbucks. But at twice the price.

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