Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Truffle fried pizza from Da Paolo's Pizza Bar

Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Jalan Merah Saga

I didn't realize that it's been four years since I was last here.

Da Paolo Pizza Bar, truffle fried pizza

We saw that there was pizze fritte on their menu. Well, it was actually a fried calzone that was stuffed with mozzarella, mushrooms and truffled ricotta.

Da Paolo Pizza Bar, truffle fried pizza

We didn't think it was impressive. The ingredients weren't outstanding. Considering that there weren't so much going on - the quality, or the lack of it showed. Mushrooms weren't particularly flavoursome and the mozzarella tasted flat like those that you could get from Phoon Huat next door. For what they charged, using buffalo mozzarella would have been nice.

Da Paolo Pizza Bar, ohara's

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