Sunday, August 19, 2018

Wong po lou meen from Quan Ji

Came across this wong po lou meen by Quan Ji on social media. That name translated into 'yellow cloth blanched noodles' in Cantonese. Curiosity piqued even though we kinda knew what it was and how it might taste like. There's option for sang meen, lou meen or mai fan for this dish. This was the blanched egg noodle option. There wasn't much flavouring on those noodles so it was great with their cut chilli (green one was spicy). Shrimps were fresh and full of bite. Not bad at all.

My additional two cents was that since lard was tossed with those noodles, they should've considered using enough because the flavours were barely there. If there were what some people claimed to be a pretty generous use of lard, something clearly is wrong with that lard they were using. Those fried bits weren't particularly fragrant too. So while this was a nice noodle dish, it was also some ways to being outstanding.

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