Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Re-visiting Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger, ngoh heong

We came back after the encouraging first visit to try more of their dishes. That included the ngoh heong which I had initially felt doubtful about but had turned out to be pretty delicious, packed densely with stuffings of minced pork and shrimp. Not heavy with the five spice powder. I preferred this to the rendition from Violet Onn Satay Bar

Blue Ginger, chap chye

There was a pretty decent rendition of chap chye which I thought wasn't too bad. What was outstanding on this visit was their udang kuah pedas nanas - a dish of tiger prawns cooked in a pineapple gravy. I'm going by taste here and thinking that this seemed to have a lot more flavour coming from what I thought was assam (tamarind) rather than pineapples. In any case, the gravy was very appetizing and I liked both the meaty prawns and pineapples.

Blue Ginger, tiger prawns pineapple

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