Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sum lou hor fun from Quan Ji (權記)

Quan Ji (權記), sum lou hor fun (三捞河粉)

Here's a plate of sum lou hor fun from Quan Ji. That name of the dish which I have used in Cantonese, was how I was introduced to it. The Chinese name is san lau he fen (三捞河粉). In both dialects, the name translates as I understand into "three toss rice noodles". The three tosses refers to the rice noodles (hor fun), the sliced fish and the bean sprouts.

The pale colours and messy appearance of the dish belied a lightly smokey savoury flavour. Quan Ji's rendition was not bad. The quality of their sliced fish was good. Gravy was a little salty which I didn't mind and a little saucier than I expected but still a good eat. This would be one of my favourite cze char items to order.

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