Sunday, March 05, 2017

Longer operating hours at Sap Thai Food

Good news, Sap Thai Food is now open for dinner these days and even in the weekends. Hence here's another amongst a handful of stalls that's still available at dinner time at Amoy FC. They're located just next door to Quan Ji who happens to be more "aggressive" with getting their customers.

We got a plate of their yum mama noodles, tom yum-ish curly instant noodles in a lime-y broth. This was pretty good but I would probably want to dial the heat down a notch to the less spicy option the next time since this left me with burning lips.

The last time I ate here, I saw larb gai and wanted to try. It was called mint chicken salad or something. There was something else in it other than mint. Some jagged leaf thing that reminded me of coriander even though the stall claimed that it was only mint since I've already requested for no coriander. Ack!

Here's a pad krapow gai where we opted for basil minced chicken to be non-spicy. Pretty darned good I must say even without the invigorating heat that it is normally prepared with.

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