Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ninja Bowl, Duxton Road

Like a shinobi, Ninja Bowl has sequestered itself into the little corner (15 Duxton Road, tel : +65 6222 8055) that we almost missed it. That little corner that I remember being a coffee joint previously. Not exactly hidden but still mostly out of sight.

What they do are the all in one bowl meals with your carbs and vegetables and protein and sometimes fruit packaged with a range of flavours and textures by the way of nature and condiments. Think Grain Traders or The Daily Cut minus the customisability. The food was tasty. Flavours hit you in the face like Lego Batman. And damn, those seared scallops were nice.

Carbs are optional. The only two options we had were orzo and ninja rice - the latter a mix of Japanese and brown rice. There's also quinoa. These are chargeable on top of the price of the regular bowls, so yes, cost does get ninja-ed in.

Can't say that we were bowled over (haha!) entirely by the food, but it was still undeniably tasty that we wouldn't mind coming back if we were in the vicinity.

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