Friday, March 17, 2017

Philly Shack, Clarke Quay

Philly Shack,

This was a new establishment (3A River Valley Road, #01-01B Clarke Quay) that claims to do Philly cheesesteak sitting right on the very premise that Butchers Club Burger used to be. My keyhole view into the future whispers to me that a trend is about to recur.

Philly Shack, cheesesteak

We ordered their regular cheesesteak, one with Provolone and the other with Cheez Whiz. The cheeses were fine and the sandwiches were edible. In retrospect, I would have picked the one at Park Bench Deli over this any time. Actually, I would even pick Yellow Submarine over this. 

What I didn't think much of was that their meat wasn't exactly tender/juicy and the careless preparation left bits of silver skin and sinews in the shrivelled overcooked slices. While that was pretty much the only gripe I had with the sandwich, impressions took a major plunge. Even though the bread was kinda nice.

Philly Shack, hot sauces

We asked for hot sauce. They responded with a basket of selections which was honestly, overwhelming especially when they didn't know what was what.

Philly Shack,

The onion rings were simply a waste of money. There's more batter than onions and whatever onions that were in the rings barely registered flavour. This was mostly grease and deep fried flour.

Philly Shack, chocolate bourbon shake

But their chocolate bourbon shake was rather good. If I were to ever return, it'll be for this shake. Incidentally, it was also the best dip for their fries; not ketchup or chilli nor any of their hot sauces. You heard it here first.

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