Thursday, March 23, 2017

A vegetable briyani meal from Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan

Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan, vegetable briyani meal

Another satisfying lunch at Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan for the second day in a row. Yes, it was good enough from the previous day that we didn't mind giving it another go so soon. Today I got myself a vegetarian briyani meal. One which was laden with a pretty tasty briyani, savoury stir fried bhindi (okra/lady's finger), a rich and delicious paneer butter masala, more buttermilk and sweet pongal (top left). The last item being a boiled rice pudding made with ghee, cashews, raisins and spiced with saffron. Which pretty much made it the rice version of a kesari bath.

Maybe it's time I headed down to their main branch at Serangoon Road.

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