Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hon maguro sushi from Itacho Sushi

It just hit me that Itacho Sushi at ION has been around for a number of years. Time not only flew by but did so stealthily. The first time I ate here was back in 2009 when they were still located at the basement near the underpass. A few years ago, they shifted to their current premise and they've outlasted a number of food places which have come and gone. 

Anyway, bluefin tuna is on the menu and here's a plate of their hon maguro sushi which features the usual setup or nigiri, gunkan and maki. The quality of the tuna was very decent and for what they were charging, I felt was pretty good value knowing how much these things can normally rack up to. Don't come expect top tier quality sushi for these kind of prices though.

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