Sunday, March 12, 2017

25 Degrees Burger, Hotel G

Man this was disappointing. At the same price point, Omakase Burger beats this hands down and I actually get more bang with a McD double quarter pounder at half the price.

Oops, did I type that out loud? This was 25 Degrees Burger (200 Middle Road). Yet another unremarkable import - this time from Los Angeles. 

25 Degrees Burger, tomato soup

Their tomato soup was not bad. I think that might have been parmesan foam on top.

25 Degrees Burger, burger

I decided to just try to build my own burger because I thought it didn't make sense to have Thousand Island and blue cheese and bacon together. What better way to hide poor quality meat. Instead, I went for a basic burger with American cheese and arugula.

We had three orders for them burgers - one medium rare and two mediums. All arrived like they were well done. Obviously the guys flipping in the kitchen know nothing about cooking patties to even not get doneness right. Obviously management doesn't give a flying fuck.

25 Degrees Burger, burger

Let's compare American cheeses. Here's Omakase Burger and here's McD. And the one from 25 Degrees is in the picture above. Could barely taste it.

The bright spot to all of this? I don't even have to remember this place exists the next time I want a burger.

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